Provenance Development

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Development

Civil Engineering
Land Surveying


Shreveport, LA

Forte and Tablada, Inc., provided the land surveying and civil engineering services for Provenance, a multi-million dollar residential and commercial development in southeast Shreveport. Provenance is a Traditional Neighborhood Development, mirroring the plan of a small town or village, the first of its kind in Shreveport.

The scope of this project includes the design and layout of approximately 8,000 linear feet of various size water mains and approximately 11,000 linear feet of various size sewer main. Forte and Tablada also planned the layouts for the entire development including paving, drainage, sidewalks, lighting and a three acre lake with outfall structure.  In addition, plans cover the construction of a regional lift station and approximately 4,400 linear feet of 16 inch force main.

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