Eastern Louisiana Mental Health Hospital

Electrical Engineering, Development

Electrical Engineering


Jackson, LA

The project began in 2007 to replace and/or add fire alarm systems to ten buildings at the Eastern Louisiana Mental Health Hospital in Jackson, LA.

Soon after the design began, concerns about the presence of asbestos in various buildings were expressed. Pyburn and Odom MCA performed the appropriate testing and decisions were reached to remove all asbestos containing material in buildings included in our portion of the project.

Due to the type of occupancy and insufficient room onsite to relocate residents and administrative personnel, it was decided to separate the project into phases.

Phase I was the Pinel House, a 50,000-square foot multistory housing and administrative office building. Phase II design included ceiling and lighting fixture replacements and complete offsite monitored fire alarm systems for each of the next four buildings: Parker, Bienville, 200 Building, and Cedarview.


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