Margaritaville Resort Hotel and Casino

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Development

Civil Engineering
Land Surveying


Bossier City, LA

Forte and Tablada, Inc., worked on the site design, providing engineering and land surveying services for parking, subsurface drainage design, roadways, drainage, and water and sewer extensions in 2012.

Margaritaville Resort and Casino is a triple threat entertainment venue named after Jimmy Buffet’s 1977 hit. The chain also includes hotels and restaurants and has locations in various parts of the country, Australia and a variety of Caribbean locations. It is best known for its trademark “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere” Bar.

Civil/site elements constructed were the installation of Red River storm drainage outfall and headwall structure, initial grading of surface parking area, and installation of water and sewer improvements.

This project provided the necessary infrastructure improvements to support the hotel and casino development.


The entertainment facility opened in 2013.

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