Rebel Drive and Baton Rouge Community College Drainage Improvements

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Development

Civil Engineering
Land Surveying


Baton Rouge, LA

For this project, Forte and Tablada, Inc. was selected to design improvements, specifically for roadway relocation, drainage, and parking improvements to Baton Rouge Community College. The company provided land surveying and engineering design to re-route traffic around the exterior of campus with a roundabout, provided BRCC with access to North Foster Drive, constructed a roundabout at the south end of Rebel Drive, demolished the 70,000-square foot Cox Building, constructed a “T” turnaround on the north side of Rebel Drive, paved additional parking areas and sidewalks, and constructed a 50’ by 80’ warehouse.

The improvements addressed drainage and erosion problems near the Governor, Louisiana, and Cypress Buildings and utilized new “green” bio-swell ditches. The roundabout construction included landscaping, signage, sidewalks, drainage and an at-grade entrance to the Governor Building. The finished roundabout had a radius of 53 feet and can accommodate an 18-wheeler.

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