Lucas Lift Station

Civil Engineering, Public Works

Civil Engineering

Public Works

Shreveport, LA

Forte and Tablada, Inc., was the prime consultant providing engineering design services for the rehabilitation of the Lucas Lift Station in Shreveport, Louisiana. This project consisted of general building improvements and replacing equipment, controls, and electrical components at the station.

Lucas Lift Station, one of the city’s largest wastewater pumping stations, has a capacity of approximately 39 million gallons per day. The renovated station contained three 16,000 GPM solids-handling pumps. All station valves included motorized actuators which were connected to the SCADA system.

Specific work included not only replacing the pumps, but also, all station valves, electrical wiring, and controls (including SCADA). Also included in the renovation was a new 3-ton bridge crane, rehabilitation of the wet well, two separate odor control systems, and a new screening mechanism. Other improvements included sump pumps, repairs to restroom plumbing, and roof repairs. In addition to the station improvements, a permanent by-pass line and flow meter were installed.

The City of Shreveport awarded Max Foote Construction the contract.

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