Forte and Tablada is organized to deliver high quality professional services in four major market sectors.  We provide multi-discipline engineering design, surveying, and advanced measurements within the Transportation, Public Works, Development, and Industrial market sectors.



Forte and Tablada specializes in feasibility, engineering, and plan development for local roads and major highways and we assist clients in realizing projects through various federal funding sources that help to benefit their communities.  We also provide design and plan development for new bridges, as well as bridge rating, preservation, and instrumentation for existing bridges.  Forte and Tablada is an industry leader in surveying of transportation systems, where we utilize state-of-the-art aerial, mobile, and terrestrial based LIDAR equipment to measure roads and bridges.  When projects move to construction, we also provide Construction Engineering and Inspection services in accordance with Federal procedures.

Public Works

Forte and Tablada provides permitting, engineering, surveying, data collection, and grant assistance for projects involving drinking water, wastewater, stormwater drainage, as well as flood control and regional hydrology and hydraulics.  We have expertise in water collection, storage, distribution, treatment, and pumping for both new and existing drinking water and wastewater systems.  Forte and Tablada is versed in drainage studies and assessments for stormwater storage and conveyance utilizing advanced stormwater models.  We provide surveying and measurements with complex 3-D models of existing water systems for rehabilitation and system-wide analysis.  Furthermore, Forte and Tablada is equipped with aerial and terrestrial LIDAR and Multi-beam SONAR services that can provide data collection for water networks by air, land, and by sea.



Forte and Tablada provides civil/site, electrical, and structural design for private commercial and residential developments and buildings as well as for public facilities.  We have a long history of providing these services for educational facilities, state buildings, correction facilities, and for large property developers.  We specialize in providing thorough independent technical reviews on behalf of municipal governments to ensure that developments are planned in accordance with local ordinances and sound engineering principles.  Our design and plan production experience encompasses multi-story buildings, power/control/lighting and special systems, site drainage, utility installation, and parking/transportation.  Forte and Tablada specializes in advanced measurements and rapid 3-D modeling of existing buildings for architects and facility managers and provides topographic and boundary surveys to support real estate transactions as well as property improvements.


Forte and Tablada serves the industrial market by providing surveying and advanced measurements, as well as civil and structural design services.  The integration of our advanced measurements services with engineering design allows us to provide rapid solutions and helps owners to reduce project risk.  Our staff are certified and trained to safely to provide services which include construction stake-out, stockpile measurements, containment analysis, clash detection and virtual fit-up, routing analysis, plant-wide drainage analysis, and structural analysis of open frame and partially clad structures.

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