U.S. 165: Tullos to Olla

This project involved the design and preparation of preliminary and final roadway and general bridge plans for constructing approximately 1.9 miles of a new rural four-lane divided roadway (16.4 meter median) in phased construction on the existing alignment, and approximately 4.4 miles of additional two-lane rural roadway paralleling the existing two-lane road, for a total of approximately 6.3 miles on Route US 165 between the Towns of Tullos and Olla in LaSalle Parish, LA.

The design also included proposed temporary traffic movements, intersections, turn lanes and drainage plans as part of the DOTD TIMED program. The bridges are slab span bridges; one bridge is 72 meters in length (6-12 meter spans) with square pre-cast concrete piles and the other bridge is 96 meters (8-12 meter spans) with square pre-cast concrete piles. Forte and Tablada, Inc. completed the general bridge plans with the LA DOTD completing the bridge details.

The asphalt section consisted of 150mm asphalt (50 mm asphalt wearing 150mm asphalt binder), 250 Class II base course and 300mm of compacted sub grade. The Class II base course could be stone or recycled PCC. Drainage design consisted of cross drains, side drain pipes and a modified existing RC box culvert. The area from Tullos to Olla that contains rolling hills and drainage had to be looked at closely, which prompted Forte & Tablada to develop erosion control measures for, during and after construction.

Sequence of construction and signing were developed and the designing and drawing of pavement marking layouts particularly in the transition of a four to five-lane section of the north end of the project and at the cross over at the south end.

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