Nicholson Dr. at Brightside Lane/West Lee Drive

This project demonstrates Forte and Tablada’s topographic survey, property survey and title take off work experience for transportation projects.

The project entailed the development of preliminary and final plans to widen Nicholson Drive to provide northbound and southbound left-turn lanes, one through lane in each direction and one right turn lane in each direction. It would also require the existing City/Parish bicycle/pedestrian path to be relocated to fall within the railroad right-of-way, and widen the railroad crossing on Brightside Lane to provide one westbound lane, one eastbound left turn lane, one eastbound through lane and an eastbound combination through/right turn lane to widen West Lee Drive to provide two eastbound lanes, a westbound left turn lane, a westbound through lane and a westbound right turn lane. The design would adjust the grade and construct a tangent crown on Nicholson Drive to reduce the problems caused by the difference in grade between Nicholson Drive and the Illinois Central Railroad, and to replace the existing traffic signal system with new signal equipment.

Forte & Tablada, Inc. served as Prime for this project with Urban Systems as a sub and 100% of the work was performed in Louisiana. Forte and Tablada was responsible for the Topographic Survey, Property Survey, and Preliminary and Final design plans. Urban Systems, Inc. (sub-consultant) was responsible for Traffic Engineering. Shread-Kuyrkendall & Associates was responsible for Right-Of-Way maps.

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