Old Hammond Highway Segment 1

As part of the East Baton Rouge Parish MOVEBR program, Forte and Tablada is responsible for all phases of a capacity improvement project on Old Hammond Highway from 1500’ west of the S Flannery Road intersection to Millerville Road. In addition to providing four travel lanes and sidewalks on Old Hammond Highway, this project will include a roundabout at the S Flannery Road intersection and will replace the existing timber bridge on S Flannery Road. The new bridge will be a concrete slab span bridge with a clear roadway width of 42’ and 10’ sidewalks on each side of the bridge. Scope of services for this project include Bridge and Roadway Design Studies, Topographic Surveying, Environmental Services, Right-of-Way plans, Hydraulic Studies, Traffic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Lighting Design, and the development of Preliminary and Final Construction Plans.

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