Inspection of Metal Culverts – Statewide, LA

Forte and Tablada provided inspections and data acquisition for approximately 220 culvert locations statewide. The culverts inspected were a mixture of dry, partially submerged, and fully submerged conditions. Culvert measurements were acquired with a mixture of 3-d laser scanning, sonar, and LIDAR. For dry and low to partially submerged culverts, a 3-d laser scanner was utilized to obtain culvert measurement data. For mostly and fully submerged locations, a floating rig was utilized, and culvert measurements were obtained from a mixture of LIDAR and sonar. Additionally, the inverts for each culvert inlet and outlet were obtained with a two-man survey crew. Field measurements and survey data were used to provide physical characteristics of each culvert for use in load rating calculations. Inspection reports were provided for each culvert location containing culvert physical and conditional properties, as well as physical properties of culvert cross sections at locations required to be checked in the load rating analysis.

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