Scotlandville High School Classroom Addition

Forte and Tablada, Inc. was responsible for electrical engineering for the following phases of this project:

Power Service and Distribution:

Incoming power service was derived at its existing location in the Chiller Building. All existing main incoming service equipment including incoming service conductors were replaced for this project. Service voltage was 480/277 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire, for use in the building.

Distribution utilized 480/277 volt distribution panel boards. Step down transformers and 120/208 volt branch circuit panel boards were utilized throughout the existing buildings, as necessary dependent on the building loading. Step down transformers are located in equipment rooms.

All existing distribution and branch circuit panel boards were replaced during this project and all existing branch circuit conductors were removed and/or replaced to completely renovate the existing electrical system. All existing exposed conduit and conductors were removed during this project and were replaced with branch circuits sized and located where needed for the application. All existing conduit were reused if possible and any additional conduit provided were surface-mounted parallel and perpendicular to existing structure.

All additional large mechanical loads and large kitchen equipment were serviced at 480 volts where possible. All existing mechanical equipment remaining were serviced at its present voltage level.

Receptacles and other minor loads branch circuits were provided at the 120 volt level. Each classroom was provided receptacles to support seven computer locations, an overhead projector, teacher’s desk, and smart board on the Teaching wall. Duplex receptacles were provided on remaining walls for convenience.


Fixtures in the classroom areas were recessed parabolic louvered type utilizing fluorescent sources, striving for illumination levels as required by the Department of Health and Hospitals. Classroom lighting branch circuits are 277 volts and include occupancy sensors. Switching was provided to allow the first two rows adjacent to the Teaching Wall to be switched off as required during instruction.

General office lighting, corridor lighting, and other general purpose lighting design include recessed lay-in troffers. Exit signs and battery operated emergency lighting were provided, as needed.

All lighting is fluorescent, generally 4100K color temperature, with a minimum of 80 CRI. The above combination in the classroom/educational areas met the Louisiana State Sanitary Code for minimum VCP levels in classrooms.

Large open space lighting are high bay fluorescent design. Exterior security lighting are metal halide source wall packs and parking lot lighting are metal halide cutoff type lighting fixtures.

Special Systems:

Each Classroom will be provided with eleven (11), Cat 6a data drops. Seven (7) data drops were provided for student computer locations. Two (2) data drops were provided for the teacher, one (1) data drop for the smart board and one (1) data drop for the ceiling projector. Wireless access points were provided in each classroom and at various locations throughout the facility as needed. Data closets were provided to terminate the data cables while meeting the latest EBRPSS IT standards.

Each classroom was provided with two (2) cable television drop locations: one (1) cable television drop was added at the teacher’s desk and one (1) cable television drop was provided at the smart board location on the teaching wall.

The entire facility was equipped with a multiplexed fire alarm system, duct smoke detectors with HVAC system shutdown, and corridor smoke detectors. Audio/visual alarms were provided in corridors, classrooms, and common areas. Flow/tamper switches were provided on sprinkler system, both interconnected to the fire alarm system. Areas designated as Assembly Occupancy were provided with a Voice Evacuation System. The fire alarm system is not offsite-monitored by a U.L. Listed monitoring station, but is capable of being monitored by EBRPSS security.

The entire facility was equipped with an Intercom System and two (2)-way communication between each classroom and the Administration Office. Call buttons and speakers were provided in each classroom. Corridors, common areas, and building exterior were provided with speakers. Class change signal was integrated into the Intercom System.

The entire facility was equipped with a security system per the EBRPSS Standards and include a keypad entry at designated exterior doors. Sensors consist of motion sensors, appropriately placed.

The entire facility was equipped with a CCTV system consisting of EBRPSS provided IP cameras, DVR, and software was installed by the Contractor this project.




Baton Rouge, LA

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