Sherwood-Goodwood Pipeline Project

In March 2011, the Baton Rouge Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) and Waste Water Facilities Program selected Forte and Tablada, Inc. as the design consultant for The Sherwood Forrest Boulevard to Goodwood Boulevard Pipeline Project.  In compliance with the Clean Water Act, the program strives to make upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plants and to the Sewer Collection System; the program also attempts to plan for Baton Rouge’s future sewer infrastructure needs.

Forte and Tablada, Inc. and subcontractor GeoEngineers were responsible for all of the project engineering and design services that supplied the field crews with drilling equipment, performed laboratory analyses on the soil, and provided any associated design recommendations necessary on pipeline material or installation procedure.

The project was comprised of capacity improvements on gravity sewers to alleviate persistent sanitary sewer overflows, including approximately 14,330 linear feet of gravity sewer pipeline replacement, 15,500 linear feet of new sanitary sewer forcemain pipeline, and approximately 19,920 linear feet of sanitary sewer rehabilitation.

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