Union Parish Elementary School Safe Room

Our Client

Union Parish Elementary School

Their Challenge

Union Parish Elementary School requested a safe room that would be used during times of tornado warnings. The safe room must be constructed to survive the direct impact of a tornado, remain operational without harming its occupants, and allow the school to remain open throughout the project and continue its process of education requiring close coordination with the User Agency.

Our Solution

Forte and Tablada supplied the electrical design including power service and distribution, lighting, and special systems. Two structures were built in the space previously occupied by open covered pathways connecting existing school buildings. The structure was built with precast lift up panels, which necessitated precise coordination of electrical components during design to ensure accurate placement of electrical devices during construction.

The Results

The electrical design element of the project provided interior and exterior lighting design using high efficiency LED lighting sources to meet IES lighting standards for all types of spaces. The power distribution system for the HVAC system, as well as receptacles and specific electrical loads, were also designed. Special systems such as fire alarm, security, intercom, CCTV, and data systems with both hardwired and wireless components were also included in the electrical design. To ensure operation during a utility loss, all electrical components of the Safe Room are connected to a natural gas-powered Standby Emergency Generator. The generator is housed in an outdoor enclosure that can resist winds of up to 150 miles per hour, and the generator installation is protected by precast concrete walls that can withstand direct tornado exposure while remaining operational.




Farmerville, LA

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