Walker Department of Public Works

Forte and Tablada, Inc., began this project with topographic and boundary surveying.  We also handled laying out lines and establishing elevations of structures and provided services for improvements in piping, equipment, and foundation elevations.

The design for the DPW buildings was a joint venture with Duplantis Design Group, PC, which included architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural aspects. The in-house civil design consisted of furnishing a geometric and striping plan, paving and grading layout, joint layout, and utility plan (installing pipe for gravity flow sanitary sewers, water lines and gas pipes).

Electrical design comprised of the complete electrical installation for the facility, including a distribution system that consists of feeders, switchboards, panel boards, branch circuit wiring devices, a fire alarm, and an emergency system. Installations also included indoor and outdoor lighting systems, telephone outlets, exit lighting fixtures, an emergency light system, heating and cooling, a complete computer network system of cables and conduits, an owner-provided 50KW emergency generator, and appropriate appurtenances.





Walker, LA

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