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Bridge Engineering

Forte and Tablada, Inc. has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the lifecycle of a bridge. From the planning of new bridges to the inspection, repair, and load rating of existing bridges. Our experience extends from creek crossings composed of timber components to high-rise river crossings. We are well versed in the latest AASHTO and DOT requirements and state-of-the-art bridge design and load rating software. With the combination of certified bridge inspectors and Forte and Tablada’s Advanced Measurements, we are uniquely equipped to gather detailed information on existing bridges with minimal disruption to traffic. Services include:

  • Design of new and replacement bridges using PPC and steel girders
  • Man and remote operate inspection services
  • Load rating and instrumentation
  • Bridge preservation
  • Bridge repair/replacement prioritization studies
  • Overload vehicle analysis
  • Stage 0 feasibility studies
  • Repair and strengthening recommendations
  • Laser scanning of existing bridges without plans
  • Culvert inspection and data collection
  • Phased construction considerations
  • Bridge hydraulic analysis

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