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Bridge Inspection, Rating, and Evaluation

Forte and Tablada, Inc. is uniquely equipped to assist bridge owners in all aspects of the management of in-service bridges, from deteriorated slab spans to complex movable bridges. Our Bridge Management services include:

  1. Inspection – Our team of certified bridge inspectors and our Advanced Measurements group are skilled in capturing detailed information on existing bridges accurately and efficiently with minimal disruption to traffic.
  2. Load Rating – We have load rated hundreds of bridges, including both as-designed and as-built ratings of new bridges, as well as repaired and deteriorated existing bridges.
  3. Permit Vehicle Review – Our experienced team of Bridge Engineers have performed permit vehicle analysis on multiple bridges for both overweight and oversized loads.
  4. Repair and Preservation - When deficiencies are found, we have years of experience in making repair and preservation recommendations; including working with the bridge owner to make the repairs and developing construction plans when more significant and/or widespread repairs are required.
  5. Prioritization – We have worked with multiple bridge owners to prioritize the replacement or repair of their bridge inventory, using criteria such as ADT, condition, posted load, detour length, etc.

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