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Culvert Inspection

Forte and Tablada, Inc. can provide detailed measurement and inspection of drainage culverts that are fully submerged, partially submerged, or completely open.  We do this by integrating multiple  technologies including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), SONAR, infrared imagery, and color imagery. Culvert characteristics including ovality and sag can be obtained as well as roadway surface type and bedding cover, nominal culvert diameter, culvert length, and wall thickness can be used for load rating purposes. To aid in the evaluation of in-service culverts, 3-Dpoint data in the vicinity of the culverts is collected to develop a color-ramped surface for visual representation of anomalies and for further regional comparisons. Services Include:

  • Fully submerged, Partially Submerged, and Open Culvert Measurements
  • Culvert Inspections and Load Ratings
  • Deformation and Sag Analysis
  • Roadway Condition over Culvert Analysis

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