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Deep Rod Monumentation & Monitoring

Forte and Tablada, Inc. offers deep rod monumentation and monitoring. The survey control points are marks set in the ground that are assigned coordinate values (such as latitude and longitude or Northing and Easting) and elevations.  These marks are the reference points between a set of engineering design plans and construction activities.  These marks can also serve as the reference, or datum, for monitoring a structure for long-term movement or deformation.  For most projects with a short construction duration, an eighteen-inch long rod is set in the ground as a control point. Unfortunately, South Louisiana is susceptible to a geological phenomenon known as subsidence, or the gradual sinking of an area of land.  Control points set only eighteen inches deep are also susceptible to subsidence which changes the elevation of the reference point on the ground.  Deep rod monuments are 9/16 inch diameter steel rods that are driven to a depth of 60 feet to 90 feet.  The depth and material of the deep rod monuments create a stable mark to establish coordinate values and elevations.  Forte and Tablada, Inc. recommends deep rod monuments for projects that have a long construction duration, monitoring survey projects, and large-scale projects in coastal regions.

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