Structural Engineering

Forte and Tablada’s diverse structural engineering experience includes work on bridges, buildings, industrial structures, and more. Members of our staff have advanced degrees and participate in the development of structural engineering practice in Louisiana and across the nation.

Our bridge engineering practice covers the design and rating of structures ranging from slab spans on lightly traveled rural roads to girder spans under heavy traffic along urban freeways.

Forte and Tablada has performed structural design for office buildings, churches, residences, warehouses, medical and dental offices, retail spaces, and sporting venues. Our work not only includes new construction, but also rehabilitation and remodeling. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows our engineers to collaborate effectively with other professionals, reducing conflicts and streamlining project development.

To support our structural designs in complex industrial environments, Forte and Tablada’s structural engineers work closely with members of our Advanced Measurements and Modeling group. The incorporation of point clouds acquired by three-dimensional laser scanning directly into our structural models and construction documents allows for clash detection in advance of construction and reduces effort spent modeling existing features.

Our structural engineers are active in the professional community, having participated on committees responsible for the development of ASCE 7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures; ASCE 24, Flood Resistant Design and Construction; and the ASCE guide publications, Wind Loads for Petrochemical and Other Industrial Structures and Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage.

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