UPDATED: Denham Springs Sewer Expansion

Forte and Tablada has been working diligently on a Sewer project for the City of Denham Springs Sewerage District No. 1. Forte and Tablada was responsible for Phase 6 (4H Club Rd. North) of a total of eight phases for the recently formed sewerage district.  The sewer expansion was part of a $23,750,000 bond issue that has allowed for a new collection system to pump raw sewerage to the Denham Springs City sewerage treatment plant.  This phase of the project, which began in January of 2010, consists of investigation and design  for a sewer system and improvements bounded by Augusta Lane to the north, Pirie Landing Subdivision to the south, South Range Ave to the east, and 4H Club Road to the west.  Within this area, the improvements are along Vincent Road, 4H-Club Road, Springwood Drive, Garrison Lane, and the South Park area.

A separate portion but still inclusive of Phase 6 was the purchase of Willow Pointe Subdivision sewerage infrastructure by the district, closure of the community treatment plant, and newly added pump station and forcemain. The design included six new pump stations, one rehabilitated pump station, and associated gravity and forcemain systems, incorporating all required sanitary sewer lines to collect within the aforementioned areas. Work consisted of adjusting existing gas lines, house connections, and/or water service lines as determined where conflicts occur. The manifold forcemain system, ranging from six inches to ten inches, was designed to run from a new pump station along 4H-Club Road just north of Springwood Drive south approximately 8,300 feet, continuing onto the Phase 5 portion of the project near Pirie Landing Subdivision.  Phase 6 of the project includes approximately 450 new customers being added to the sewerage district.

Land Surveying services have been provided by our Baton Rouge Land Surveying Division to get the project started. Our BRLS team supplied turnkey surveying services for the project, which included laying out lines and establishing elevations of structures and improvements including piping, equipment, and foundation elevations. In addition, they located benchmarks and other reference points and performed instrumental readings to verify grade elevations.

Electrical work included the design of the electrical controls for the pump stations and associated conduit systems and all of the necessary testing and inspection that comes with a new system.

As well as Land Surveying and Engineering Design, Forte and Tablada has provided Project Administration services in the form of conducting pre-construction and project meetings, administration of the contract, procuring construction schedules, and handling submittals and inspections.

The construction of the project, which was awarded to Wharton Smith, Inc., began in March 2011 and was completed and has gone into operation this month with a final construction cost of  approximately $2.2 million.

View this article published in The Advocate about the project completion as a whole http://theadvocate.com/home/2262064-125/sewer-system-expansion-nowin-operation.html.

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