Vincent A. Forte, P.E. President’s Award

The Vincent A. Forte, P.E. President’s Award is awarded annually by the Louisiana Engineering Society Baton Rouge Chapter to an engineer member of the Chapter, who has shown outstanding service to the engineering profession, as well as, the Baton Rouge Chapter.  It is awarded by the Chapter Past President at the annual E-Week Banquet.  This award is named in honor of Vincent A. Forte, P.E., a distinguished member of the Baton Rouge Chapter whose dedication to the Chapter, the Society and the advancement of the profession is second to none.

This year’s recipient of the Vincent A. Forte, P.E. President’s award, presented by LES Baton Rouge Chapter Past President Robert Lear, P.E., LSI, is Ann Forte Trappey, P.E.  Mrs. Trappey has unselfishly promoted and defended the engineering profession and served the Baton Rouge Chapter with great honor and integrity.  She served as President of the Baton Rouge Chapter in 1993 and countless leadership roles in the State Society and Louisiana Engineering Foundation.  Ann embodies the engineering profession through her dedicated service, which is not outdone by her technical engineering skills.  She serves as a role model for young engineers through her service not only to the engineering profession, but to other civil contributions that make our community, state, and nation a better place to live.  The Baton Rouge Chapter thanks Ann Forte Trappey for her distinguished service and congratulates her on receiving this award.

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