Ann Forte Trappey, P.E., FACEC

Vice President, Outreach

Mrs. Trappey has overseen the continued steady growth of Forte and Tablada since 1991. A registered Professional Civil Engineer, she offers a strong background in project design and management. She is familiar with the governmental processes for municipal, parish, state and federal funding. Mrs. Trappey stays abreast of the possible funding sources which can assist clients in financing infrastructure projects.

Mrs. Trappey offers the following skills in Civil/Environmental Engineering Design:

  • Water Treatment and Water Distribution design including ground and elevated storage and fire water capacity.
  • Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment design including SBR Treatment Plants and Extended Aeration Plant design.
  • Roadway Design including rural and urban roadways to State and Federal Guidelines.
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design to meet State and Federal Guidelines.
  • Drainage Design including both open and sub-surface drainage systems.
  • Global Information System (GIS) capabilities.
  • Civil Site Work design including all utilities, drainage, site layout, and planning.
  • Infrastructure design for Correctional Facilities including Parish, State, and Federal design standards.
  • Subdivision Design including small re-subdivisions to multi-acre developments including all associated civil sitework to service the development.
  • Louisiana State University
    1982, Bachelor of Science
    Civil Engineering
  • Civil LA License No. 23668
  • Civil MS License No. 12365
Corporate Office

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