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Construction Engineering and Inspection

Forte & Tablada, Inc. is experienced in direct construction project management, at both the local and state level, including LADOTD and FEMA projects. From the start of the bid process through project completion and closeout, our Construction Engineering & Inspection team coordinates with all project personnel to ensure the construction activities comply with the plans, the specifications, and any applicable federal regulations while keeping the project on schedule and within budget. Our experienced resident project representatives and inspectors strive to provide our clients with the best possible finished product through daily site visits to observe construction, timely solutions to any unforeseen issues that may arise, execution of compliance requirements, as well as accurate and complete project records and documentation. We provide administration of the construction contract and prioritize consistent coordination and management between the contractor, inspector, project engineer, and owner throughout construction. Services Include:

  • Bid advertisement
  • Bid tabulation and evaluation
  • Contract administration
  • Meeting coordination
  • Construction observation & inspection
  • Review and approval of shop drawings and submittals
  • Daily observation & inspection reports
  • Temporary traffic control device monitoring
  • Project schedule tracking
  • Monthly pay applications
  • Review of certified payrolls
  • Testing and compliance requirements
  • Record of certificates of compliance, analysis, and delivery of materials
  • Clarification of design concept
  • Field orders, change orders and work change directives
  • Record of certificates of compliance, analysis, and delivery of materials
  • Final inspection and punch list item completion
  • Project closeout and acceptance

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