Ascension Parish Alligator Bayou Sewer

Civil Engineering, Public Works

Civil Engineering

Public Works

Ascension Parish, LA

Forte and Tablada, Inc. provided engineering design services for a new sewer system in the Alligator Bayou Watershed. This project included the evaluation of septic tank treatment areas and constructing a map identifying areas served by septic tanks and areas served by treatment plant. Other work comprised of preparation of a preliminary design report, determination of the locations of required lift stations and development of a conceptual layout of the sewerage collection system showing the location and orientation of proposed piping and lift stations.

The goal of the project was to resolve issues stemming from the roadside ditches in areas predominantly being served by septic tanks that no longer contain effluent from septic tanks. This project was funded through the EPA and the Lake Pontchartrain Restoration Program.

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