US Highway 80 Improvements (Traffic Street to Old Shad Road)

Forte and Tablada, Inc. was retained by the City of Bossier City to complete construction documents for this urban street improvement project. Project elements include a drainage study, geometric design, pavement widening, and coordination of electrical lighting and traffic signalization.

Forte and Tablada, Inc., was selected to perform land surveying services, civil engineering design, and the preparation of ROW maps for a ¾ mile segment of the Bossier City Parkway. The overall Parkway project connects portions of south Bossier to portions of north Bossier and will provide traffic relief to the internal arterial roads in Bossier City. The segment improvements include the construction of a five lane roadway, right turn lanes at designated intersections, dual left turn lanes at the intersection of Traffic Street, improved access to Louisiana Boardwalk (a high-traffic retail development), drainage improvements, traffic signalization, sidewalks, and decorative street lighting.

The Forte and Tablada segment of the parkway lies mostly along a portion of U.S. Highway 80, as such, Forte and Tablada worked closely with the district office of the LA DOTD regarding design standards. The design called for approximately half of the segment alignment to be widened while utilizing the existing concrete pavement structure; the remaining portion is a complete reconstruction. This Parkway segment was constructed in two phases.

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