Walker City-Wide Drainage Study

The City-Wide Drainage Study Project includes completion of substantial topographic and waterway surveys, hydraulic modeling using various modeling software for several streams, creeks, and tributaries. This project also includes the compilation of drainage recommendations to rectify any identified drainage issues, as well as make City-Wide drainage project recommendations, where able, with the goal to improve the overall watershed. Once the larger scale projects are identified, we will provide a preliminary BCA (Benefit Cost Analysis) to show that the project benefits would outweigh the costs. If the projects provide to be “beneficial”, they should be able to be submitted for various grant/cost share programs through the State and Federal Government upon later direction from the City of Walker.

As noted, this project consists of completing numerous surveys throughout the City of Walker to identify any existing drainage issues as well as identify opportunities to improve the overall drainage capacity of individual streams, or possibly even retain/detain stormwater to effectively lower the water surfaces of some subject waterways. Forte and Tablada will provide recommendations to the City for improvement of the drainage conveyance capacity within the City and complete preliminary engineering documents necessary for the future planning.




Walker, LA

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