West Colyell Creek Drainage Improvements

The West Colyell Project was designed and approved through the FEMA HMGP process, to make improvements to a portion of West Colyell Creek from US 190 to Buddy Ellis Road (approximately 2.4 miles of waterway) in Livingston Parish, to increase the hydraulic capacity of the existing creek. It was shown in the Hydraulic and Hydrologic Study (H&H Study) that the water surface of the subject area will be lowered and improve the flooding conditions many of the residents in the area experience. The proposed channel cross section can be described as an earthen channel with 3:1 side slopes for the majority of the project limits. Where the side slope will exceed 3:1, the geotechnical engineering consultant provided a slope stability analysis to prove this construction method (earthen) is sufficient and meets the project needs. Forte and Tablada was responsible for completing a Topographic and House Pads Survey, completing a Hydraulic Study, preparing Bid Documents (Drawings & Specifications), completing a benefit cost analysis, and assisting in obtaining all necessary Environmental and DOTD Permits. In most cases the channel is simply being widened, in a few other cases the channel is being widened and slightly re-aligned to provide for better flow geometry and to avoid having to acquire any property with relocations. Currently the project design is complete and the necessary servitude acquisition process has begun.




Livingston Parish, LA

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